“Soul Food” en tu jardín.


Spring time is here and the heat keeps rising, to me this is the perfect scenario for a bbq in the garden with friends.  BBQ ribs are a classic of southamerican cuisine and one of the best ways to eat pork.

I would dare to say that there are 4 key aspects for the perfect ribs:

1. Go to the best butchery available and select the best ribs that comes with the most meat between and underneath the bones.

2. Select your spices and season the ribs, let´em rest inside the fridge (overnight).

3. Find the best BBQ sauce: Read the ingredients!,  try to find one with no artificial flavors or colorants added and remember that the bests sauces will have a blend of spices, malt, vinegar, corn syrup, onion, garlic, tamarind and possibly original Worcestershire sauce -if not, you can add it-.

4. Use of two cooking methods: 1) Under pressure (adding herbs like bay laurel, thyme, garlic, salt, lots of pepper and ginger) until the meat is tender and almost rips apart from the bone. This is the moment to apply (with a brush) a thick layer of BBQ sauce, and then … 2) Grill with charcoal up to 220ºC/428ºF.  these step makes sure that the malt and sugars present in the BBQ sauce will caramelize thanks to the Maillard reaction. Remember that the meat is already cooked, the grill just adds flavor, so beware of burning down the ribs.

BBQ ribs are not enough for your hunger?  Try some potatoes with mexican cuaresmeño chiles and coriander.

Enjoy these shiny days and have fun.


2 Responses to ““Soul Food” en tu jardín.”

  1. Karen

    I can’t wait until it is warm enough to start grilling. I love ribs finished on the grill.

  2. food&design

    Hi Karen!, oh yes! the grill is so perfect for finishing the ribs. I think its a key step to have a really juicy, tender and powerful flavor.



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