A veces los clichés son deliciosos.


I just had one piece of a lesson last weekend that made me think about the constant search of the perfect moment with food, involving the artisan hand behind it, the best ingredients available (organic or carefully selected) and the perfect place.

But does it necessarily have to involve the best quality, the best chef or the most honest or spontaneous preparations?, not always! Now I realized that food is about those silly things that makes you happy. Maybe you need to remember the old days with your girlfriend by drinking a powder chai latte that takes you back to those “chatty” coffee shop afternoons or opening and smelling a box of Fruit Loops that makes you feel like when you were 5!

This past weekend I was at the beach with the sea in front of me and my girlfriend by my side, so we did what we had to do: ask for a couple of mexican Corona beers and fulfill the very popular cliché of drinking this very cold beer at the beach! – just as seen on TV!-  Obviously I am aware of the quality of the product, with a faint resemble of what a beer is supposed to be, but did I enjoy it?… …hell yeah!

Sorry beer connoisseurs but I did have a nice time because: sometimes clichés are just fine.


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