Café marocchino, un rockstar italiano.


Can you imagine a better marriage for coffee than chocolate?

It really works in every possible way, think of an italian tiramisú or a french ópera gateaux.  Coffee and chocolate are bitter by nature and they work so well because by making a careful selection both ingredients will complete to each other.

I imagine coffee as a very complex monochromatic range of flavor and by adding chocolate you can expand its range into a more colorful taste.  You will be able to, porpousely, enhance the floral,herbal, wooden, tobacco or the spicy notes of any preparation that you choose and you will have  the perfect pretext to make a tasting of them!

These marocchino that I had in an Illy coffee shop had all what I said before.  A perfect balance of coffee and chocolate with a bitter attack stopped only by the very subtle milky notes, an omnipresent spirit of tobacco perfumed with caramel and strong explosions  due to the ”coffee & chocolate” fine crumbs on top of the milk foam.

What I like the most of these marocchino was the execution of the styling!, because of the very casual artelatte of the heart shaped figure and of course the perfect use of the fine crumb that carries the real spirit of this classic italian beverage.

In case you wonder about the little golden egg, it was an italian gianduja!…  …yeah!, a hazelnut extra that made me so happy.


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