Panadería Hofpfisterei -desde 1331- en München, Alemania.


I always have loved food but the day I experienced La Boulangerie Français was the definitive moment to become a foodie.  The first time I made a dough I realized that through food, you could recall places, memories and feelings, so I’m kind of obsessed about anything related to bread.

In München, Germany, I saw this advertising campaign for Hofpfisterei, a brand of bakeries that offers freshly baked bread.  I must say that in all Germany the culture and love for bread is as big as the love for good beer, so probably I found more bakeries compared to Paris!, arguably the point of reference of bread culture.

This advertising campaign is about the product itself and its importance as a cultural element of Bavaria. I particularly love the Rembrandtesque photo of the “Frau mit dem brot” (woman with the bread) and would love to have this as a giant poster in my kitchen.

Hofpfisterei was born in 1331!, and is a proud Bavarian bakery. Imagine that kind of tradition and history in this matter.

Soon I’ll make more posts about german bakeries and how they are a mix of Wien, Paris and of course German elements.


Foodie fact:

To see a video of Hofpfisterei click here or go to:

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