Pan estilo Jalisco, no encontrarás algo más rústico.


No fancy ovens, no packaging design, no cupcakes, no Valrhona chocolate!, this is “Pan Segura Bakery” with “Legitimate Jalisco Style”, that means: Rustic as hell.

A bakery in the heart of Mexico City’s downtown that bakes only the traditional bread from Mexico’s Jalisco state, with so tiny an entrance that it almost feels like a Harry Potter movie shop that will be closed at the chant of a spell as soon as you get in; this bakery is so narrow that the whole shop is really an aisle!, what I loved the most about this bakery -and the real inspiration to write this post- is that this place takes the word rustic to another level.

When I think about a boulangerie with rustic bread it comes to my mind the pain au levain, german rye loafs, baguettes de tradition français, wooden ovens and packaging design that really supports the concept. Now Pan Segura will also come to my mind because of the old and dusty façade with a hand painted announce, the bizarre space and oldie furnishings but above of all, the bread.

The main characteristic of the bread is the dominant brown color, a monochromatic palette that really is the essence of this beautiful bakery.

Sometimes it’s not all about achieving a perfectly shaped bread with the best golden crust, it’s about keeping traditions and baking just exactly as your mentor was taught back home.


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