Infusionando amor, ron con frutas de primavera.


A couple of months ago we had a “food design event” which involved alcohol on the mix and after realizing that we had 3 ltrs. of rum left that were unused and that the spring season was giving us fruits of amazing quality, my friend Manu and I decided to infuse the alcohol for later use.

We don’t have the final results yet but I can tell you that we are very exited!, only by seeing the different colors in the bottles and the aromas in the air when opening’em is like having an entire Pantone catalog to design with… … you really can smell the colors!

After a first taste I can say that I’m always amazed when you turn any kind of food into a non common but delicious ingredient only by using the real stuff -in this case fresh fruit and not cheap essences -. Try to remember the colors and the smell of lemon, cherry and peach, if its not enough add mexican vanilla pods to the mix and imagine it.

We first infuse for a couple of days the vanilla in the rum until it was yellowish and then in different bottles we add the fruit (previously washed and sanitized) only to let them to infuse in the alcohol inside the fridge for about 2 weeks.

Still we don’t know what will be the end of the different mixes: gelato or sorbets?,mousses?,mexican raspados?, straight mega shots?, ganaches?, gelées?!, but of one thing I’m sure… it’s going to be great.

Now it’s time to go to your local market, ask for the best fruits of the season and use all those bottles with little remains of rum, vodka or any alcoholic beverage that you had abandoned in your home and turn them into unique shot-sized samples of this sunny spring days!


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