Señor Vincente, papas callejeras.

Don Vincent or “Señor Vicente” is one of those characters whose life has been guided through the love for food and with 40 years of experience frying the bud he has become the master of “po-ta-to” frying .

He is the man of the road!, every day he walks though the streets with his two- wheeled hand-crafted car to sell the chips.

At noon everyone keeps an eye at the window just to see Don Vincent coming. The lucky ones, have Don Vincent himself knocking at their very door!

Why are these chips so special?  The day Don Vincent explained to me how he makes the chips and all the process involved I was astonished not just because of how early his day starts (4 a.m.) but because he goes everyday  to the central food market to select and buy the best potatoes.

He makes sure that the product has the perfect humidity, size and freshness; a little bit more hydration and the frying process will be compromised, choosing the wrong size and the final chip won’t have the kind of size his clients are used to.

Then at home he washes, peels and slices the potatoes for frying with clean corn oil at a very precise temperature, assuring a golden chip with  a very high crispiness and no traces of oil.

Green sour lemon and salsa Valentina are one of the greatest ingredients  for Mexican people when having a snack like potato chips but also sometimes with peanuts or chicharrones,

I wrote this post as a tribute to an entire life of devotion to hard work and disciple of Don Vincent, a true foodie.




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