Café Central en Vienna, Austria.

I was tipped about Cafe Central by my Dad, it was worth the visit and for sure one of the best places in Vienna, Austria.

A light and almost familiar mood with all you can expect from a classic Austrian Konditorei starting with amazing classic interiors,  nice waitresses -patient enough to rookie german speakers- with brilliant guidance in case of  the very common “I want every single cake confusion” and lots of local people.

Cafe Central is not just a Konditorei, it’s a nice restaurant also. I was there just to get a coffee and a piece of cake but I ended up ordering an entire meal -from appetizer to dessert-, all of this after just a couple of hours of having breakfast!

But the one thing I remember the most is the counter!, filled with so different cakes and viennoaseries. I literally stood in front of it for several minutes just contemplating the cakes assortment, the wonderful colors and the deep feeling I had because I was in the country where the long tradition of patisserie and baking had it’s origins.

Austrian patisserie is not about how perfect it looks, with immaculate finishing in the slices, textures, glaçes or layers, it’s about an honest desire of beautiful handmade baking but yet it really has an impressive look; did you get the paradox?


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